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If you will let me, I'll take you on an adventure. I'll show you the Padre's Island and a magically blended culture like no other. We'll see a blood sunset, rescue a stranger, speak a little Spanish, fall in love, win a free dessert and daaaaance! We'll witness a murder, steal a plane and outwit a villain... all while we follow a dream and Touch the Mayan Moon.


Catarina de la Alvarado’s aspirations are far above her status as a Mexican migrant worker, and she has the smarts and the will to get what she wants.  She has plans of her own and what she wants requires that she belong to no man. 

But, three men want Catarina for very different reasons.  Border Patrol Officer Logan Dell is sweet poison; fabulously wealthy Alfonso Carreras could gift her with her own island; reckless Case Becker would rob her of her soul. 

Set in the steamy tropical lands where Texas and Mexico become one, love power and obsession sweep them all deep into the Yucatan where their ultimate destinies depend on a storm, a murder and a lie. 

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When you read Touch the Mayan Moon, you will understand why 10% of all Royalties go to support
literacy and learning programs at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen, Texas.